About Us
Christopher B.
(Aquatic Life & Plant Specialist)

Christopher has dedicated more than 17 years researching every available facet of fish health including their infectious and noninfectious diseases.  He is the person in charge when it comes to ordering, quarantining, and maintaining all of our aquatic life as well as those of our customers.

"I love plants & especially animals.
Some people that have never owned a pond might not understand, but once you name & care for your fish, they become another member of the family"
-Christopher B.

Rob Montgomery
(Co-Owner & Technical Director)

Rob has dedicated more than 26 years to aquatic ecosystems and understanding everything he can about them.  He's not only your 'go to guy' when it comes to this but also leads research & development for our store as well as assisting several pond product suppliers in America.

"I need to know how every product we sell, as well as what others sell, works.  Every hardgood as well as every disposable has a threshold and to be an informed associate, I need to know what that is."
-Rob Montgomery

In our 'downtime'
we enjoy life to the fullest.

We love sharing that too!
Christopher loves gardening, photography, drawing, & cooking.  With only 1/4 acre of land and no real time for vacation, he has made his backyard into his own oasis complete with several different water features along with touches of garden art and countless color-changing led landscaping lights for nighttime leading to some awesome photos he loves to share.

His cooking....WOW!  "He can't just cook a normal meal, there's got to be a touch of this & a dash of that.  It's AMAZING" say's Rob.

Christopher loves sharing recipes, just ask & share your own.


Rob loves cycling, target shooting, scuba diving, & eating really well.  As long as it's above his 'too low, can't go' temperature of 44 degrees you can catch him out at 5:00 am on his bike every morning for a good 2 hours or so.

In 2016 he was certified as an Open Water Scuba diver and since then you can't keep him out of the water.  He enjoys wreck diving in Florida in the Winter when he can (and for some reason) loves spotting sharks.

Eating really well is dependant on Christopher.  As Rob will tell you, "I can burn microwave popcorn, even if I'm right there watching it."

Help Rob out....Share recipes with Christopher.


We started our family owned business in 1977 as a plant & florist shop.  When we added water gardening in 1991, the focus of our business endeavor was forever changed. We were addicted to the fun of "PONDERING"
At BDR Ponds our main goal is that you enjoy & understand your water-feature.  If they are done correctly it's so easy and the most rewarding thing you'll ever put in your landscape.

A water-feature can be something you enjoy if you know what you're doing.  If you don't, you might end up fighting with it & what fun is that?
So the question might be, why work together with us?

Knowledge, Understanding & Support.
We have been helping people with their water-features for over 26 years now.  That's longer than most of the retailers, installers, & product manufacturers in our industry today.
In all those years we have strove to acquire all the information & education on water-features that we could get our constantly wet hands on.  We also understand that every water-feature is different, everyone's tastes are different and that everyone needs help somewhere along the line.  Our commitment to service is unsurpassed & we would love for you to stop in and see for yourself what makes BDR the right choice when it comes to water-features in the Bluegrass.