Here at B.D.R.PONDS we are proud to introduce ourselves as Central Kentucky's # 1 "DIY" pond supply source. We started our business in 1977 as a family owned plant shop and florist.  When we added water gardening in 1992, the focus of our business endeavor was forever changed. We were addicted to the fun of "PONDERING" !

What sets us apart ?  We feel confident that after we share our knowledge and years of experience with you,
About Us
Seen here is where "mother nature"
does her thing, growing our aquatic
plants.....along with
help from our owners Bill & Diane.
While Bill & Diane grow all our plants as well as manufacture many of our hardgood products (right here in central KY),
you will find Rob & Christopher at our store eager to help you.
The BDR.....I know by now your wondering....stands for "Bill, Diane, & Rob".  We came up with the name when we made the switch to water features years ago, but we can assure you without Christopher on board, we couldn't and wouldn't be who we are today.  We really do appreciate all those that help our small family business thrive and promise you our very best, day in & day out.
You guys are awesome! Thank you!  ~Ann Shaw

Thank you for all your help and patience! My fish are very happy and so am I!
The aerator is doing great, thanks for recommending it! Good to see you and Christopher!