Installation Supplies

As with anything in life,
you need to start with a good foundation.

For years now we have carried and highly recommend not only the industry standard 45 mil. thick E.P.D.M. pond liner but the 10 oz. underlayment padding as well.
While our liner does
  have a full 20 year
warranty*,it is always
a good idea to protect
   your investment.
With underlayment
  costing only pennies per square foot, you
will have that extra confidence that your liner is protected.  Some of the liners many benefits is that it will not degrade, can withstand any hot and cold KY. can throw it's way, as well as you can make your pond any shape or size YOU desire.
Hardgoods like skimmers &
waterfall boxes are a critical
part of any set-up as well.
Most of our filters carry a limited
lifetime warranty here in our store.
We feel that carrying premium products that last and do their job as promised outweighs the demand for products that are 'cheap'.  We stand behind our brand & offer very fair pricing and most importantly, over 20 years of experience and knowledge for free.
Pond pumps are truly the 'heart'
of any pond.  We carry everything from small pumps for little tabletop fountains all the way up to
multi-thousand gallon per
hour pumps for large
commercial applications.
Everything from waterfall foam sealant, fish-safe silicone, hose, flow control, and every little part & fitting is always stocked and ready for the most demanding custom job you might have.
NOTE:  When you measure for your pond liner, make sure to use totally perpendicular lines as seen to the left.
You may have some extra liner
to trim off, but your pond
liner will fit perfectly without
leaving you short anywhere.

Make sure that you measure the longest length and the longest width as well as the maximum depth.

Thanks Rob for fixing my pond pump!
What an HONEST guy. You could have
tried to sell me a new one but you helped
me save money instead. BIG SHOUT OUT
TO BDR PONDS. ~Cheryl Buley

*Some warranties are handled by the original manufacturer, however BDR Ponds can always be of assistance