Fish For Humanity
Every now & then some people have an excess of fish reproduction or overwhelming growth of fish in their pond and things can get out of shape with the pond & sometimes jeopardize the health of the fish themselves.
Well... we figured we might be able to help them as well as organizations within our own community all at the same time.'s how it works......
Let's say you have too many fish or they have got so big you want to thin down the population.
All you have to do is send us an email by clicking the button below and one of our staff will contact you about bringing them into our store for those wanting to aquire fish themselves.
email me
Then What Happens?

We then quarantine these fish for a period of time to make sure all of them are healthy.  All fish will be monitored very closely checking parameters such as ammonia, nitrite, pH and salinity & adjusted in order to provide the best possible environment for Koi and Goldfish to thrive.
Ok.....Here's the Really Cool Part.....

We are going to sell these fish (of course trying to keep families of fish together) for a very moderate price to move them quickly and then donate a portion of all sales of these fish to a different local charity each month.
We feel it's a great arrangement for everyone involved.  So if you think this might work for you and your fish click the email link here >>

*Do you mix these fish with other fish?

NO.  BDR Ponds does NOT mix these fish with the ones purchased from our licensed hatcheries.  They are quarantined in totally seperate holding tanks with totally different water parameters and sources.

*Will I be paid anything or given any compensation for bringing in my fish?

Unfortunatly no.  We are simply trying to provide a loving home to these fish and will only keep what resources it takes to look after these fish until they are sold.  The remainder will be going to charity...& that's a great thing!