LED Waterfalls

With over 48 colors and 16 different patterns all at your fingertips via remote control.....the possibilities are endless.

Oh......and they look really cool too!
Our LED waterfall spillways come in three different sizes: 12", 24", & 36"
They also can be connected up to 15 feet wide for one seamless waterfall
The reservoirs feature one piece construction making them extremely durable for use above or below ground
Complete kits are available and are designed to fit all
our LED waterfalls perfectly
Installation is really simple as you can see here.

Enjoying your new water feature at night with friends and family over is priceless~
Click any of the pictures to the left to view as larger images
Thanks for all the guidance through the years! It is my pleasure to know such lovely guys as you both.  ~David C.
With so many different options we currently do not stock all of these....but with no overhead involved, we can offer prices that rival even Amazon and other on-line retailers.  Call or email to inquire!