Pond & Water Feature Lighting
At the end of a long workday...after dinner is done, enjoy the tranquility, the sights and sounds like no other landscape can offer
At BDR Ponds we offer a new level of water feature lighting.  Our more natural, warm white, LED lighting gives you more of a glow in contrast to most LED's on the market today.
Our LED's can be used in or out of the water unlike many others.  They consume 1/10th of the power consumption of common halogens. They also are factory sealed which means no leaks, no bulb changing, and best of all they carry a 5 year full warranty* right here in our store.
*LED even goes dim..new fixture..not new bulbs.
Our LED lighting is on display throughout our store.. however, don't miss checking out..
The Grotto
Helpful and smart about fish and plants.  Never pushing product you don't need.  Would not use anyone else.
~Martha Gilley