Marginal plants are shallow water plants that sit in about
6" - 12" of water.
Marginal Plants
Usually placed around the perimeter of a pond, they give a more natural look as well as provide height and depth.
There are some marginal's that are tropical like the Taro plant seen here. They need to come inside for the Winter.  Caring for tropical plants is a lot easier than you may think.
There are many different varieties to choose from when it comes to marginal's.  Some are taller like
the papyrus seen here where there are more surface plants like the mosaic seen below.
Most marginal's sit barely under the water as any other bog plant would. In the Winter they simply go to the deeper area of the pond.
All of our plants come in pots with no holes in them.  This allows you to bring a tropical plant indoors, keep water in the pot, and keep it in a sunny window to watch it grow all Winter long.  If you don't want to do this you can simply place the pot with the soil and root (no foliage) into a bucket of water where it will stay warm over the Winter season and put it back out in the Spring.
There are also floating plants like the hyacinth, water lettuce & parrots feather seen here
The floating plants have no container or soil.  Their roots work as a kind of floating filter to help clean the pond.  They also mass multiply in the Spring & Summer providing shade and coverage for your fish and other aquatic life
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