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At BDR Ponds we have absolutely everything you need to create that unique water feature you have envisioned for far
             too long now~
From Underlay & Liner
To Formal LED Waterfalls
Frostproof Asian Pottery
Koi, Goldfish, &
Other Aquatics
Marginal (shelf)
Water Lilies
Sacred Lotus
Fish Food &
Care Items
Pond & Water Feature Treatments
Streams & Waterfalls
Full customer service! Helped with all questions and concerns without selling me overpriced, unneeded items. After doing some research, I thought I needed an item that would cost apx $840. They took there time to fully explain the problem I was having, and showed me that all I needed was an item that was $75. They also answered all my other questions. They did not rush through just to get me out of the store. I spent about 2.5 hours with them that day. There prices are very reasonable. Also if you are looking for something that they might not carry, they will order it for you if they can...Wonderful people. ~  MV from Lexington, KY