Our Service

We do "Water Features"....
That's all.

No annuals / perennials / yard plants

No fake sales / no bait & switch

& No fine print

We do:  Warranty, research, service, & stand behind everything we sell right here in our store

We do:  Treat each and every person that walks into our store with dignity & respect

We do:  Know if you give us the chance...
we can change not only your landscape for the better......but your life as well.

We know that there are options when it comes to  water features & we invite you by our store to see what makes us different.
This one's a biggie!
PLEASE, if you read anything at all here,
At BDR Ponds our main goal is that you enjoy & understand your water-feature.  If they are done correctly it's so easy and the most rewarding thing you'll ever put in your landscape.

A water-feature can be something you enjoy if you know what your doing.  If you don't, you might end up fighting with it & what fun is that?