Pond Filtration

A water pond can add so much to your landscape as well as your life.  Not only are you creating a unique masterpiece for your home, you are creating an environment that adds peacefulness, beauty, and all the awesome sights & sounds that come along with owning one. 

Water ponds have a very low cost of not only owning & operating but also maintaining. 
If a water pond is set up correctly, you can expect to spend just minutes a week on maintenance while enjoying your new paradise for many, many years to come.

Why Filtration Matters

When you are setting up a pond you are trying to create the most natural eco-system you can.  Mother nature will help in many ways to accomplish this, however needs a little help from us.  When you’re dealing with a body of water you have to realize anything that goes into the pond remains in the pond.  When fish & plants leave waste in the pond it can accumulate and become toxic to the fish.  These organic compounds can also lead to algae growth as they provide the nutrient algae needs to grow. 

Mechanical filtration is what keeps the water clean.  First, it helps protect the pump by collecting debris from the water (i.e. fish waste, plant matter & material such as grass clippings).  These types of filters can be as simple as a sponge filter or a net and fibrous pad in a skimmer box. Secondly, it is key in making sure the biological filter works as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Biological filtration is what keeps the water healthy.  In this part of the filter we are using the nutrients from the fish and plants in the ecosystem to create a nitrate; a viable plant food that help your flora thrive.  Basically as water is circulating through the biological portion, beneficial bacteria are growing, like mold on bread.  The ammonia and nitrites that your fish and plants are producing are combining to make the nitrate.  Ideally, we do not want to clean this area of the filter throughout Spring & Summer as this renders the bacteria useless.
We have several different types of filtration systems
running in our store and would be happy to show you any of them in operation.
Seen here is our All-In-One filter.  This easy to use filter simply sits down inside your pond and connects directly to your submersible pump.  The small black top is the only portion of this filter you clean all year long.  You don’t even have to lift this complete filter out of the pond, just the 1” top cap, spray it off with the garden hose and replace it on the filter.  This filter will hold and grow a beneficial bacteria within the inside of the filter that will essentially convert all the toxic waste products left behind by the fish and plants into a non-toxic plant food that will in turn grow your plants.

Seen here is an example of a Skimmer / Bio-Waterfall system.  This type of filtration provides the same biological filtration as the inside of the All-In-One system by housing the beneficial bacteria in the waterfall & just like the biological inside section of it, should not be cleaned but once a year.  The biggest benefit to this system is truly the skimmer portion. 
The skimmer is buried in the ground just outside the pond liner.  It is easily attached to the liner with the provided fish safe silicone.  Instead of the pond pump sitting down inside the pond, your pump sits down in the back of the skimmer.  This pulls in any surface debris like leaves and grass clippings into the skimmer where they can be easily removed from the net inside the skimmer itself.
Just a great big thank you for the wonderful products. I have been fighting green algae in my pond for 3 years and just started using Microbe-Lift. I will never use anything else! This is the best my pond has looked in the 3 years I've had it. I could never see the bottom due to the green water but now, I can count every rock on the bottom at 4 feet deep. Thanks you so much for your wonderful product!!  ~Barbara