Sacred Lotus

If you haven't seen a lotus in person, you are truly missing out.

Lotus are undeniably the most beautiful flowering plants we carry.  They are Winter hardy here in Kentucky and love the heat of Summertime.
Just like all our aquatic plants, they are grown by us right here in central Kentucky.  We carry both miniature lotus as well as the larger one's that can reach 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide.
The lotus bloom itself can reach 9" in diameter. Oh...they have a wonderful aroma as well.
The seed pod (right) is what is left over after each flower has bloomed for several days.
The leaves of the lotus are also quite unique.  While they are large they are amazingly tenacious in high winds & one of the most intriguing things is to watch it rain down on the leaves as they are practically waterproof.
As mentioned above the lotus do love the heat.  They should be kept in full sun during the pond season and kept relatively close to the surface.
Lotus come in solid containers (no holes) so they can be kept on a patio or even planted in your garden.
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~Nana Quick Seitz
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