Here fishy fishy...
"We love this place!" - Rebecca Johnson

"We LOVE this store and our sweet fish friends!" - Deana Gassett

"The ONLY place I go.  You haven't lived until you've seen the fish there." - Christina Bowen

At BDR Ponds we encourage you to not only purchase your own fish, we want you to enjoy ours as well.
That's right, we aren't the only one's that are welcoming here.  Pond fish can quickly become part of the family. Stop by and see.
     We carry a wide
variety of not only Koi
  & Butterfly Koi, but
  we also stock many
varieties of Goldfish, Fantails, Sarasas, Shubunkins, and even Bullfrog Tadpoles.
Bullfrog Tadpoles
It can take a month to a full year, but these chubby little guys get big
First bred in Japan, they are actually a calico goldfish with overlapping patches of red, white, blue, gray and black (along with dark speckles)
Bullfrog (mature)
Keep insects as bay and enjoy that bur-ump sound on Summer nights
Fantail Goldfish
More rounded little guys that have a split tail and 'wiggle' when they swim
Butterfly Koi
One of our very favorites!  We purchase these from the very family that coined the name.  Their large wings appear similar to 'butterflies' and they are also known as Dragon Koi
And as the old saying goes....
"If you build it...they will come"
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